Our Mission:

Working in an office can make you feel like a drone. I know, I did. I used to have a plant to stare at when chaos or boredom happens. As a designer, I needed inspiration and sometimes subtle changes in my plant would inspire me. I have endeavored to bring a little joy to people edging on drones. I hope to either create or collaborate on creating inspirational artwork from re-claim arts and crafts.
Our main area of focus is on Office Accents, home decor, corporate displays and generally mood improvement and thought provoking art.

Office Accent Decoration:

  • Personal inspirational arts and crafts
  • Inspire your day with arts and crafts accents Improve your mood with handcrafts
  • Add warmth to you desk or office
  • With most of our vintage hand crafts ending up in garbage heaps, I am hoping to join many trying to save some history and unique relics. In repurposing these relics, we will be saving arts and crafts from a time when ironworkers and woodworkers work with little tools and steady hand. I hope to provide such pieces as a reminder of our past creativity and evolution.

Re-Claim our Crafts In Rescuing Relics:

We hope to help save what handcrafts we can. In an effort to reduce cost of owning of these relics, we have partnered with demolition and construction companies to clear out sites at a discount. By aggressively pricing our clean-out services we are able to salvage more sites. If you need our clean-out services, send your site location and a photo to John Overdorf by using our Contact Us form here.

Relics Portal:
We are members of a community which provides an exchange service and postings of relic and vintage findings around the world. Though this community is being launched in 2017, there are many interested parties looking for relics. If you are interested in joining as the community ramps up, become a member and sign up. Initial members will have full access to all aspects of the website. In the future we will have an elite buyer membership looking for high art or pricier relics.

We hope that you join us by supporting our efforts to save arts and crafts from garbage dumps and demolition.